Why young children deserve large mattresses

As your child begins to outgrow their baby bed, you may be looking for what they can use during the next step of their lives. Naturally, a twin or full bed would be the first option to consider. Such beds are large enough, affordable and convenient to install in your child's room.

However, parents who think big (and long-term) can increase their children's comfort while saving money in the process. What does this mean? Investing in a larger mattress makes more sense than simply going up one step. A king or queen bed for your 4- to 6-year-old child may seem like overkill. But here are several reasons why buying a large mattress early makes sense.

1.    Kids have interesting sleeping positions

Any parent of a toddler knows just how fascinating child behaviour can be. Kids have very interesting sleeping positions. They toss, turn and roll around the bed during sleep, and some may even end up falling off the bed at times.

A larger mattress provides more room for kids to be kids. They can turn as much as they want without straining any muscles. They can also spend time playing in their room, which reduces how much you need to clean from the kitchen and living room areas. In a nutshell, larger mattresses support the natural development process in children by promoting healthy sleeping patterns.  

2.    Promote healthy sleep in children

Speaking of sleeping patterns, larger mattresses come equipped with modern technology that can significantly improve your child's development. For example, king- and queen-sized mattresses can be fitted with memory foam, springs or a combination of both (hybrid mattresses). These modern technologies provide support, comfort and ease of tension to sore muscles. They work perfectly for children who spend the whole day playing and need a restful night's sleep.

3.    Have enough space to cuddle

Children in their early years love to cuddle. With a king- or queen-sized mattress, you can spend more time in your child's room. Help them set up their bed with teddy bears, toys and other accessories that turn the house into a home. With more space to cuddle, you can avoid awkward sleeping positions or the risk of your child falling off the bed.

4.    Invest early and save later

For parents who purchase twin- or full-sized beds, remember that your child will eventually outgrow those smaller beds. It makes more sense to invest in a large mattress early and not have to worry about it for years to come. As your child grows older and requires other types of support (such as school supplies), you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Look for mattresses that would work for you. 

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