Top Tips for Effective Furniture Store Presentation

When you scour the pages of a furniture magazine, you cannot help but marvel at the level of elegance and tidiness of staged furniture. Superficially, the images you see in magazines or websites are the perfect definition of a cozy, elegant home. However, the truth is that the photos are staged, and furniture stores have to do a lot to mimic a realistic living room or dining depending on the pieces being presented. For a startup furniture store, presenting furniture pieces in the best way possible is an effective strategy for keeping up with the competition. This article highlights tips that can help with furniture store presentation.

Hire a Commercial Staging Expert -- Furniture staging experts are professionals who maximise the selling potential of furniture by presenting the pieces in the best way possible. For instance, the experts will stage dining furniture in a space equipped with everything you wish for a dining room. Since commercial stagers have interior design and real estate experience, they maximise the potential of all room elements to accentuate pieces of furniture. Thus, it helps create a mental picture on walk-in customers' minds since they imagine how their living room, bedroom, porch, or kitchen would look with the same furniture. The mental picture is sometimes all you need to turn a window shopper into a purchasing customer.

Allow Furniture Testing -- When someone walks into a furniture store intending to buy a couch or a bed, they will want to test how it feels. The last thing you want is a customer who inadvertently buys a sofa with a shallow seating area just because you have a 'no testing furniture' policy. For this reason, a furniture store that wants to stay ahead of the competition must allow customers to test the furniture on display. Let clients sit on a dining chair, lie on the beds or even watch a few minutes of TV while seated on one of the corner suites. The opportunity to intimately interact with furniture allows a customer to gauge its capability and comfort level. Thus, it helps manage expectation levels.

Offer Sample Swatches -- The most successful furniture stores use the services of professional photographers to ensure that only quality images end up on websites and magazines. However, many customers are unaware that colours that look great on screens and magazines could appear quite different in their homes. In this regard, it is good practice for a furniture store to offer customers sample swatches of the fabric in the exact colour. It is the only way a customer will know what a piece of furniture will look like in their home's lighting. You can charge a few dollars for sample swatches because customers would rather spend $10 and be sure than get stuck with a $3000 sofa that looks out of place.

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