How Sliding Wardrobes Add A Much Needed Dash Of Efficiency To Your Bedroom

Efficiency is not often a term associated with the bedroom layouts. After all, most people have a double bed, even if they are single, that is positioned centrally, creating awkward spaces on either side that have to be shared with wardrobes, mirrors, desks, televisions and a variety of other appliances. That is why so many bedrooms are littered with clothes, books, mugs and digital devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. If you are trying to maximise the limited space in your bedroom, there is no better way to do it than with a sliding wardrobe. 

Combining Utilities 

Mirrors and storage space are two fundamental features that most people would agree should appear in a bedroom. Sliding wardrobes combine both of these into a smaller area than they would be if they were on their own. Because of how long sliding wardrobes are, you also get a much larger surface area for your mirror than you might otherwise. Becoming an efficient homeowner is all about understanding where you can consolidate different utilities into one object, and that is exactly what makes the sliding wardrobes so special. 

Very Little Footprint 

The footprint (the path that the door follows when it opens and closes) of a regular, out-swinging wardrobe door might seem like free space when the wardrobe is shut, but that is actually what is referred to as a dead zone. You can't put anything there if you wish to access your wardrobe on a regular basis, and that creates a huge amount of wasted space or an unusable wardrobe. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly moving around clothes from the floor to open up your wardrobe. Sliding wardrobes do not have nearly the same problem as the door has a track just inches in front of the wall.

Simple To Upgrade

If you feel like you might want to upgrade a part of your sliding wardrobe in the future then you could do so quite easily. All you need for most sliding wardrobes is the track on which they slide along, meaning you can swap out the door to a more modern design at wish. Any renovations to a traditional wardrobe require a full overhaul and replacement of all the supporting structure as well. That makes sliding wardrobes the best option for finicky homeowners who like to swap and upgrade every now and then. Don't limit yourself to one design for the foreseeable future: give yourself the option of change. 

To learn more about sliding wardrobes, contact furniture stores or custom wardrobe designers in your area.

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