Major Factors Influencing the Cost of Your Interstate Furniture Removal

Relocating to another state is no easy job, especially when it involves transporting heavy furniture items. If you're considering hiring interstate removal services to help with your furniture removal, you should have an idea about how much the job might cost. 

Below are some major factors that influence the cost of interstate furniture removal jobs.

Size of Your Furniture Shipment 

Moving a lot of furniture items? 

The more the pieces of furniture you need to transport, the longer the move will take to complete. Heavy furniture pieces, such as beds, dining tables and sofas only increase the amount of time and effort required to get the job done.

Expect to pay more for your move if it contains heavy furniture shipment. 

The Total Distance to Be Travelled 

How far is the distance between your current home and the new one?

Interstate removal companies charge for the time they spend on the road and the fuel they use to transport your load. A long-haul interstate move will cost you more than a shorter one because it takes longer to complete and requires more fuel.

Your Preferred Moving Date

The date of your move is just as important as the move itself.

Book a move during the weekends, public holidays or other days when furniture removalists are busiest, and you'll have to pay a higher price for their services. This is because most companies tend to take advantage of the high demand to charge higher service rates. 

If you're looking to save money on your move, consider moving during the less busy days of furniture removal companies' business calendar.

The Moving Extras You May Include

From disassembling and reassembling of large furniture items such as queen size beds to moving of specialty items like grand pianos, any extra services that you agree to will increase the cost of your move. If you have a need for temporary storage for your furniture items as they await haulage, expect to pay extra for this service.

While add-ons can help to make your move smoother and more convenient, only opt for the extras that you really need to keep your furniture removal costs at a minimum.

Having learned some of the things that interstate removal businesses consider when determining how much to charge for their services, you should get in touch with a local service provider to discuss your job. They can provide you with a no-obligation quote so you can know how much you'll have to pay.

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