The Signs That Tell You When It Is Time To Replace Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a very popular feature in many people's homes around the world and especially in Australia. Not only is it generally quite strong for its lightweight construction, but it also has excellent resistance to outdoor weather and it requires minimal maintenance. However, eventually, all good things come to an end and if your wicker furniture starts to look a little worse for wear then it could be time to replace it. Here are three signs that is time to replace your wicker furniture with an updated version.

Prominent Broken Strands Poking Into You

Virtually your whole wicker furniture is made out of strands that are woven together to support your body weight. Eventually, over time, these wicker strands will start to snap. This can be due to constant use, drying out in the sun or a single event like someone jumping onto the chair too heavily. A few broken strands won't hurt anyone, especially if they are in easy to hide places, but if they are on the back or bottom of the wicker furniture then they can dig into your skin when you sit down. Don't put up with that discomfort, get new wicker furniture today and feel comfortable whenever you try and relax in your wicker furniture.


Because wicker furniture is easy to use inside and outside, it is one of the most susceptible things in your home to get mouldy. This is not just true of the wicker itself, but also any pillows that might be on top of it. While this can be easy to try and cover up for a little while, either through repainting or hard washing, sooner or later the mould will become too big a problem to cover up. It can also pose a health risk if the spores get into your lungs. New wicker furniture is much better at resisting mould and mildew, so replace your current furniture with its updated cousins.

Brittle Wicker

As mentioned briefly above, wicker can dry out when it is left in the sun for years, and when this happens the material becomes very uncomfortable to sit in. Newer wicker furniture can be synthetic, which resists this drying effect far better while retaining that natural feeling of the wicker. If your wicker furniture feels brittle and scratchy, it can make you avoid sitting in it and even going outside. Don't let yourself be told what to do by a scratchy chair: get a new set of wicker furniture and keep enjoying the outdoors. Wicker furniture is, after all, one of the cheapest options out there and modern varieties have solved a lot of the problems listed above. 

For more information, contact a wicker furniture retailer.

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